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That was FREAKING AWESOME I laughed myself to tears!


Dude, seriously. You made me laugh, and you had the Corneria theme in there. You get top marks from me.


It was total balls tracking this thing down from youtube, but now that I've found it, you get 5s from me, dude. I laughed enough.

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Eccentric, Amusing, but a tad bit Short.

This game is quite eccentric, that's for sure. The game have an oddball cutesy feel to it that leads to what most call a 'childish' style that I actually find appealing in this situation.
In fact, this seems like the perfect remedy for a 8 year old who's eaten far too much sugar. (or any with spare time on their hands.)

Though I must admit, seeing the face on the icon and then playing the game confused me- the icon mislead me to think this was 'another type of game'.

Graphic-wise, the game is polished though not very clean. I feel much more could have been done with the animation of the game to make it much more of a visual feast for a cute connesuer than as is. Though the way I word this may be misleading; The game's artwork is infact more polished than many other games I've seen availible for free.

The sound was nice, and made me smile a bit as I went along. The 'turbo' music amused me in a way hard to describe... similar to watching someone sketch an animal on a sheet of paper, then change the subject to another creature while refining it.
I also found a lot of the sounds from the Mario games a interesting in use here. They were change a small amount from the SNES/NES samples, but they're still recignizable. And that recignizability isn't working against you.

You made me smile, and almost made me feel like chuckling a bit. It's a fun exprenece I've had here.
My biggest grip must be that it's too short. The 3 levels (not counting the bonus levels) didn't take me long at all to complete. 15 minutes at the most.

Good consept, bad execution.

What you have here is a solid idea, (one that could possibly be a decent running series on NG) but the game ideas are bland and uninspiring.
Come-up with a game that you Yourself would play for hours (and not just for testing) before you release it to the public.
For a good example, take a look at the innovative games that Are out on the DS- simulate them to the best of your abillity.

There is little violence in this (other than implied violence) and I find that a plus.It's interactive, and the graphics+sound are directly from Super Mario World. (also a plus) The idea is interesting, but the games (the focus of the flash) arn't revolutionary enough to contribute much to style. It's too familliar. Frankly, it wasn't entertaining (nor humorous.)

Keep working on it, I see potential.

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Well that was neat

Well, that was the last thing I was expecting to see in my inbox this morning. I don't really follow SD anymore, so I get some pretty strong mixed feelings when I listen to my own version of the song these days.

I think the way this version is put together is a very nice listen. I have no problems with the notation and instruments. Sounds fine to me. I think there are some parts where the sound balance could use a bit more work in having things blend, but that's not really any forte of mine. The guys of OCRemix might be able to give more solid advice on how to polish it up.

I think it's worth noting that as I listened to it loop, it sounded better over multiple listens. That's gotta mean something good.

BlackStatic responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I have noticed that some parts were out of sync, among other small little things. But thankyou for the criticism~

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